To get to the the Twilight Forest, there are a few pre-requisites for the building of the portal.


  1. You cannot be in a biome where water freezes.
  2. You should be in a biome where grass can grow.
  3. The blocks surrounding the cut out area must have grass on them.
  4. The blocks below the cut out area must be grass.
  5. You need a diamond.
  6. You need roses, flowers, saplings, or mushrooms.
  7. You need buckets of water. (2 or 3)

Building the portal:

  1. Cut out a 4 block area.
  2. Surround it with either mushrooms, flowers, saplings, etc.
  3. Fill it with water.
  4. Throw the diamond in the water (using 'Q').
  5. You've got a portal, congrats! (If it is not working, make sure you are following the pre requisites).