The Twilight Forest Wiki
Canopy 1.png

The Canopy Tree is one of the more common trees in the Twilight Forest dimension. They are about 20 to 25 blocks tall, and have long, thin trunks that branch off near the top, with flat areas of leaves, similar to Acacia Trees. Additionally, Canopy Trees have Roots below them when generated and when grown from a sapling.

As the name suggests, Canopy Trees form the canopy of the biomes they are present in, which are the Twilight Forest, Dense Twilight Forest, Firefly Forest, Mushroom Forest, Deep Mushroom Forest Spooky Forest, and Enchanted Forest biomes.. Canopy Trees can spawn with fireflies on their trunks, but not cicadas. In Firefly Forests, Canopy Trees can have Firefly Jars hanging from the leaves by oak fences. Canopy Trees found in Spooky Forests have no leaves, and have a few cobwebs where the leaves would have been.

Wood can be harvested from Canopy Trees, and Canopy Tree Saplings can be harvested from the leaves. Canopy Tree Saplings can additionally be found in Leaf Dungeons. Canopy Tree Wood can be used to make Canopy Planks, which can be turned into Canopy Stairs, Slabs, Buttons, Trapdoors, Fences, Fence Gates, and Pressure Plates. Canopy Tree Wood is always found in Skeleton Druid Houses with an upper level, but all other Canopy Wood items cannot be found naturally. Canopy Tree Wood and all Canopy Wood items are required for the Maniacal Dendrologist advancement.