The Twilight Forest Wiki

Charms of Keeping aid the player by preventing the loss of some or all items upon death, which consumes one Charm per death. Charms of Keeping activate if they are in any slot of a player's inventory, and can stack to 64. Additionally, the highest-level Charm is consumed upon death. When a Charm of Keeping is used, the item appears to float around the players head for a short time before disappearing.

Charm of Keeping I[]

Charms of Keeping I are found in dungeon chests in the Twilight Forest, and are also dropped by Maze Slimes. Charms of Keeping I prevent the armor a player is wearing and the items in both hands from being dropped.

Charm of Keeping II[]

Charms of Keeping II keep a player's armor and entire hotbar upon death. They are crafted from 4 Charms of Keeping I as a shapeless recipe.

Charm of Keeping III[]

Charms of Keeping III prevent the entire inventory of a player from being lost, like the keepInventory gamerule. Charms of Keeping III are made from four Charms of Keeping II, meaning 16 Charms of Keeping I are needed for one Charm of Keeping III.