The Twilight Forest Wiki

The Charms of Life are two items that prevent death, and give status effects to help the player get out of the situation that would have killed them.

Charm of Life I[]

A Charm of Life I prevents death once while in a player's inventory, healing them back up to 4 hearts immediately, and giving Regeneration I for 5 seconds, healing the player to 5 hearts. Charms of Life I can be found in chests in the Twilight Forest, and stack to 64. After use, the item appears to float around the player until the Regeneration ends.

Charm of Life II[]

Charms of Life II heal a player to full health upon death, even if the player has more than 10 hearts of health, and gives the player 30 seconds of Regeneration IV, Resistance, and Fire Resistance. Upon use, the item rotates around the player's head for about 10 seconds, then disappears. Charms of Life II are crafted from 4 Charms of Life I as a shapeless recipe.