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Ironwood is a crafting material, and is used to make a set of tools and armor. Ironwood Ingots are smelted from Raw Ironwood Materials, and are between Iron and Diamond, in terms of power and durability. One Raw Ironwood Materials gives 2 Ironwood Ingots.

Raw Ironwood Materials[]

The crafting recipe for Raw Ironwood Materials

Raw Ironwood Materials are crafted from one Iron Ingot, one Gold Nugget, and one Liveroot, and is a shapeless recipe. Apart from smelting into Ironwood Ingots, Raw Ironwood Materials have no use.

Ironwood Equipment[]

Iroonwood is used to craf

A full set of Ironwood armor and tools

t tools and armor like any other material, and can also be crafted into blocks. A full set of Ironwood armor grants 8 armor, and has enchants when crafted. Ironwood Helmets have Aqua Affinity I, Ironwood Chestplates and Leggings have Protection I, and Ironwood Boots have Feather Falling I. The durability of Ironwood Helmets, Chestplates, Leggings, and Boots are 220, 320, 300, and 260, respectively.

All Ironwood tools have a durability of 512, break blocks with a speed between that of Iron and Diamond, and come with one level of enchantments, like the armor. Ironwood Picks have Efficiency I, an attack speed of 1.2, and deal 4 hearts of damage. Ironwood Swords are enchanted with Knockback I, deal 6 hearts of damage, and have an attack speed of 1.6. Shovels have Unbreaking I, an attack speed of 1, and hit for 4.5 hearts. Ironwood Axes have Fortune I, deal 9 damage, and have an attack speed of .92. FInally, Ironwood Hoes do not have an enchantment, deal 1 heart of damage, and have an attack speed of 3.