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The Lich in its tower

The Lich is a boss mob spawning in the topmost room of the Lich Towers. It is a tall skeleton-like figure with red eyes, wearing a purple cape and golden crown. In the first stage of the battle, the Lich is surrounded by three golden shields. These can be destroyed by returning his ender pearl-like projectiles to him or using Splash Potions of Healing. The Lich will also conjure up ghostly duplicates of himself, so you must attack the real Lich. Throughout the battle, he will also fight with a Gold Sword and spawn hordes of zombies with his scepter. At the end of the battle, he will drop Bones, a decorative Lich Trophy, some Gold Armor, and some other loot, including one of three scepters: the Twilight Scepter, Life-Draining Scepter or Zombie Summoning Scepter.

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