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Several Roots clusters found underground

Roots are a natural block in the Twilight Forest dimension that spawns below all trees added by the Twilight Forest mod, as well as the large Spruce Trees found in Snowy Forest biomes. Roots can additionally spawn at any y-level underground, without having to be connected to trees. Deep underground, Liveroots can be found in clusters of normal Roots.

The most effective tool to break Roots is an Axe, but they can be harvested without any tool. When broken, Roots drop 3-4 Sticks, and can only be harvested as a block with a tool with the Silk Touch enchantment. As Roots drop Sticks, they can be very useful when mining in the Twilight Forest.


A Liveroots vein found underground

Liveroots clusters underground tend to be between 2 and 8 blocks of Liveroots. Like Roots, Liveroots are broken fastest with Axes, but can be harvested without an Axe. A Liveroots block drops one Liveroot (item), unless harvested with Silk Touch, in which case the Liveroots (block) is dropped. LIveroots (item) can be crafted into Raw Ironwood Materials, but have no other use.

Root Strands[]

Some Root Strands found underground

Root Strands are similar to Roots, but Root Strands hang from the ceilings in caves. All tools mine Root Strands at the same speed, and they can be easily broken with no tool. Additionally, Root Strands do not drop anything when broken, unless Shears are used, in which case the Root Strands are harvested. One Root Strands can be crafted into a Stick.