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A flow chart of the Twilight Forest progression system

The Twilight Forest has many bosses, and there is a pretty specific order that the bosses must be killed. Areas the player is not able to access are marked by having yellow square particles or damage the player in various ways upon entering. The Yeti unlocks the Snow Queen, the Phantom Knights unlock the Ur-Ghast, and the Minoshroom unlocks the Hydra. After the Snow Queen, Ur-Ghast, and Hydra are defeated, the player can access the Twilight Highlands. Under the Giants' Clouds are Troll Caves, in which Obsidian vaults can be found. Magic Beans found in the Obsidian vaults can be planted in Uberous Soil, which creates a Beanstalk that allows the player to access the Giants' Clouds, but the Clouds can be built up to normally as well. Killing the Giants yields a Giant's Pickaxe, which can be used to break into the Giant Obsidian vault. The Lamp of Cinders in the Giant Obsidian vault allows the player to burn through the Thorns outside the Final Castle. The Final Castle is mostly un-implemented, so the Lamp of Cinders is the last progress-based Twilight Forest item. Indubitably.


Nagas are found in Naga Courts in the Twilight Forest, Dense Twilight Forest, Twilight Clearing, Oak Savanna, Mushroom Forest, and Firefly Forest biomes. Nagas are the easiest and most simple of the bosses. They are a large snake, and as a Naga loses health it becomes shorter. Nagas attack by lunging at the player, which is telegraphed by the Naga stopping briefly. When killed, the Naga drops Naga Scales and the Naga trophy, and unlocks the Lich Tower.

The Swamp[]

The Twilight Swamp unlocks after defeating the Lich, and the Fire Swamp unlocks after the Minoshroom is defeated and a Meef Stroganoff is consumed.

Minoshrooms are found in underground Labyrinths in the Twilight Swamp. After following a Magic Map to find one of the four entrances hidden under small hills, the player must locate the lower level of the Labyrinth, and somewhere in the lower level resides the MinoshroomS

. Fighting the Minoshroom is simple, as it is a more normal boss fight. The Minoshroom attacks primarily by lunging at the player, and this is telegraphed by the Minoshroom stopping and pulling back slightly, but will damage the player on contact always; the lunge just does more damage. The Minoshroom drops Meef Stroganoff, a Minoshroom Trophy, and a Diamond Minotaur Axe.


The Hydra is the final boss of the Swamp, and resides in the Fire Swamp, which can only be accessed after a Meef Stroganoff is eaten. The Hydra can be found in the large hill in the Fire Swamp, which has a large enterance on one side. The Hydra fight is somewhat difficult, as the Hydra mainly deals fire damage. The Hydra starts with 3 heads, which is the only place it can be hit. When enough damage is dealt to one head, it is destroyed and two heads replace the first. Hydra heads deal damage on contact, and can shoot flames at the player. Each head can attack on its own, so the battle gets more difficult as the Hydra grows more heads. The Hydra has a collective health between all of the heads, and the Hydra dies when the damage dealt to all the heads drains the full health of the Hydra. Upon death, a chest is placed that contains the items the Hydra drops, so the drops can't be lost. The Hydra drops Hydra Chops, Fiery Tears, Fiery Blood, and a Hydra Trophy. Killing the Hydra is required to unlock the Twilight Highlands biome.

Dark Forest[]

The Dark Forest unlocks after defeating the Lich, and is a very dense and dark forest, so hostile mobs spawn even during the day. The Center Dark Forest biome, located in the center of the Dark Forest, doesn't unlock until the Phantom Knights in the Dark Forest are defeated.

Phantom Knights[]

Phantom Knights are found in Goblin Knight Strongholds in Dark Forests. Upon finding an entrance to a Goblin Knight Stronghold, a boss trophy of any kind must be placed atop the Trophy Pedestal, which can be picked up as soon as the Stronghold is unlocked. The Goblin Knight Stronghold is a big maze, and the Knight's Tomb is found somewhere on the second and third lowest levels. Upon entering the Knight's Tomb, 6 Phantom Knights spawn, and all must be killed for the Dark Tower, as well as the Center Dark Forest to unlock. The fight is a more normal fight; each of the Phantom Knights fights like a common enemy, except that they are stronger. Upon defeat, a chest is placed in the center of the Knight's Tomb, which contains a Knight Phantom Trophy, along with several enchanted Knightly tools and Phantom armor.


The Ur-Ghast resides at the very top of the Dark Tower, which is in the center of Dark Forests. The Dark Tower is full of enemies, mostly Nether-related, as well as puzzles involving keys and Redstone. Important things to know prior to ascending the Dark Tower are that Vanishing Blocks and Disappearing Blocks can be right-clicked, which removes them. Vanishing Blocks and Disappearing blocks both look like Encased Towerwood, but have red squares in the center, but if they are next to blocks that have a red hourglass-like symbol, a key must be found before they can be removed by right-clicking. The Ur-Ghast fight has a vague but important mechanic. Normal attacks against the Ur-Ghast deal very little damage; damage must be dealt by entering one of the areas to the side of the arena, killing the Carminite Ghastlings, and activating the Ghast Traps by stepping on the nearby pressure Ur-Ghast Trophy. Defeating the Ur-Ghast is necessary to unlock the Twilight Highlands.

Snowy Forest/Twilight Glacier[]

The Snowy Forest unlocks when the Lich is defeated, and the Twilight Glacier unlocks after the Alpha Yeti is killed. The Snowy Forest contains snow and Mega Spruce Trees, and the Twilight Glacier is full of ice and the ground level is significantly higher than the surrounding Snowy Forests.

Alpha Yeti[]

Alpha Yetis are found in Yeti Lairs in Snowy Forests, alongside several Yetis. Yeti Lairs are large square hills with a cross-shaped cave that has a Packed Ice floor,