The Twilight Forest Wiki

The Twilight Oak Tree comes in two forms, Sickly Twilight Oak Trees and Robust Twilight Oak Trees. Additionally, Twilight Oak Wood can be found as a part of Rainbow Oak Trees, despite not being a Twilight Oak Tree.

Robust Twilight Oak Tree[]

Robust Twilight Oak Trees are the common version of

Several Robust Twilight Oak Trees of various sizes

Twilight Oak Trees. Robust Twilight Oak Trees can be from about 20 to 100 blocks tall, and have multiple large round sets of leaves. The trunks of Robust Twilight Oak Trees are 2, 3, 5, 7, or 9 blocks wide, are hollow when wider than 2 blocks, and have vines going all the way up the inside of the tree on one side when hollow. There are branches on the trunks and canopies of Robust Twilight Oak Trees, which tend to be small in comparison to the trunk of the tree. 

Robust Twilight Oak Trees can be found in Twilight Forest, Dense Twilight Forest, Twilight Clearing, Firefly Forest, Oak Savanna, Mushroom Forest, Deep Mushroom Forest, Twilight Swamp, Fire Swamp, and Enchanted Forest biomes. They can also be grown from Robust Twilight Oak Saplings, which can only be found in Leaf Dungeons.

Robust Twilight Oak Trees are also home to Leaf Dungeons, which can be found inside of some of the trees' spherical areas of leaves. 5-block-wide stumps of Robust Twilight Oak Trees can also be found in any biome that Robust Twilight Oak Trees that are 5 blocks wide are found.

Sickly Twilight Oak Tree[]

Sickly Twilight Oak Trees only naturally generate inside of

A grown Sickly Twilight Oak Tree

Goblin Knight Strongholds, but can be grown from Sickly Twilight Oak Saplings. When grown, Sickly Twilight Oak Trees have a shape similar to vanilla Oak Trees, but are formed from Twilight Oak Wood and Twilight Oak Leaves.

Twilight Oak Leaves can drop Sickly Twilight Oak Saplings, and the Saplings can be found in Leaf Dungeons as well.

Twilight Oak Wood[]

Twilight Oak Wood can be harvested from Twilight

A Sickly Twilight Oak Tree found in a Goblin Knight Stronghold

Oak Trees and Rainbow Oak Trees, and can be crafted into Twilight Oak Planks. Twilight Oak Planks can be made into Stairs, Slabs, Buttons, Fences, Fence Gates, Trapdoors, and Pressure Plates. Twilight Oak Wood can be found in Goblin Knight Strongholds, and Twilight Oak Wood, Planks, Stairs, Slabs, and Fences can be found in Skeleton Druid Houses. All Twilight Oak items are required to achieve the Maniacal Dendrologist advancement.