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Uncrafting Table.png
The interface of the Uncrafting Table, along with the recipe for the Uncrafting Table

The Uncrafting Table allows crafted items to be turned back into their components at the cost of XP, and also has the function of a normal Crafting Table. When a crafted item is put into the leftmost slot, the components appear in the middle, and taking any of the middle items out of the table takes the XP levels from the player, and all other items can be removed without more cost. Uncrafting an item costs one XP level per component the item has. For example, a Crafting Table would require 4 levels, as it takes 4 planks to make a Crafting Table. In order to craft the Uncrafting Table, 8 Crafting Tables and a Maze Map Focus are needed.

Tools that have lost durability cannot be crafted into all of their items; items that the tool is made from are lost in proportion to the durability left, rounded down. The amount of XP levels required for uncrafting tools ignores sticks, so a Pickaxe only requires 3 levels to uncraft.

The arrow-shaped buttons above and below the horizontal arrows cycle through crafting recipes, and the arrows below the leftmost slot cycle through variants of items for one recipe. As an example, if Sticks are placed in the leftmost slot, the buttons above and below the left arrow will cycle between two Oak Planks and one Root Strands in the middle, while the buttons below the Sticks will change the type of Planks the sticks are uncrafted into.

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